Our letter to Planning re: the first draft of the Official Plan Update

We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the update of Kingston’s Official Plan.

It’s imperative that the goals of sustainability and waterfront protection currently in our OP are retained and fortified in this update.

To this end, we have three particular concerns.

1. We believe that the Official Plan update must acknowledge that the Wellington Street Extension is currently under review, given widespread public concern about the road and Council’s vote that alternatives be investigated. The Kingston Transportation Master Plan update includes wording to this effect. As well, changes made to this draft OP include the addition of section, which prioritizes the preparation of secondary plans for the Old Industrial Area and the Inner Harbour. These secondary plans and the proposed WSE (or alternative transportation solutions) are inextricably linked. Perhaps a statement that the WSE is in question could refer to the secondary plans in section for clarification.

2. We also ask that you reconsider those changes made in the draft to sections 2.8.3 and 3.9.2 that considerably weaken the language around shoreline ecology protection. For example, the word “generally” has been inserted where the 30-metre setback or “ribbon of life” is mentioned in both those sections. As well, the statement in section 2.8.3 that “the City seeks to protect shoreline ecology” should be changed to “the City must protect shoreline ecology,” as suggested by one of the contributors on Crocodocs.

3. There is an inconsistency between the OP’s claim that the city is “committed to promoting transportation alternatives to the automobile that increase efficiency of travel, reduce energy consumption and pollution, and enhance sustainability” (section 4.6) and the long list of road widenings, extensions, and new roads in the OP. Both the general principles and specific plans in the OP update should emphasize environmental sustainability.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide input.


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