Important Meeting: Transportation Master Plan to Committee on Tuesday

At the last Council meeting, the Transportation Master Plan update was referred to the Environment, Infrastructure & Transportation Policy Committee (EITP). EITP will meet this coming Tuesday the 14th in City Council Chambers at 6 pm. The first hour is, as voted at council, an OPEN MEETING to comment on any aspect of the TMP. The public is invited, and furthermore, any member of the public may speak for up to five minutes. The order will be determined by lottery.

The report is LONG. You can get the gist of it by reading the 22-page staff summary. Some of you may have time and patience to read the rest, or read parts of it. But don’t feel you have to be an expert. You could

  • come and witness and support
  • come and ask a question of staff or consultants
  • come and tell the committee what values and goals matter to you in transportation planning
  • come and express concerns about particular issues or items in the report

Notice that the common denominator here is COME! The city has not been doing a good job allowing for public input in its planning processes. We have to take the chances we get.

In our view, the main problem with the plan overall is its lack of ambition. Its targets are low, vague, and far away. We want to know if the consultants considered how much it would cost to make the targets more demanding. We are also concerned that the report recommends an updated EA for the WSE. As you will remember, Council asked staff to develop a “plan of work” for assessing ALTERNATIVES to the WSE IN ITS ABSENCE. So it seems to us that an updated EA is almost the opposite of what Council asked for, and what we think is called for. Why can’t we study a range of alternatives (other road solutions, active transportation, transit, other approaches to imagining tannery development, etc.) before we decide which is most promising for further study?

Let’s think: what would Canada’s most sustainable city do?

We hope to see you on Tuesday night.

— Anne, Laura, Mary, & Sayyida


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