Tonight’s the Night!

Let’s pack council for a very important meeting. Though the mayor and developers want to slow the decision right down, councillors are fighting back to send a message that this road is inconsistent with Kingston’s values and policies passed in the years since the WSE Environmental Assessment (2006). So far we are told 122 letters have been received by councillors against the WSE, from across the city, and 8 letters have been received in support of it. That’s pretty compelling — a ratio of 15:1! (Not to late to add another though!)

Here are just a few excerpts from a few of our most recent eloquent writers:

“Surely it is possible to come up with a transportation plan “Made In Kingston,” unique to our needs — one that offers developers reasonable access to possible development areas, allows for better traffic flow to and from downtown and aligns with the City’s environmental goals.  A plan that also saves tax dollars for more urgent needs! The Wellington St. Extension is not a 21st Century plan.”

“Rather than putting noise pollution, visual pollution, air pollution, social disruption, and runoff which will create water pollution in the most beautiful part of our neighborhood, couldn’t we just let the wildlife ( and the locals, me included) have a space of our own? Thoreau told us, “In Wildness is the preservation of the world.”  The traffic definitely has other options.  The ospreys and the foxes are much more limited.  And we who live here would be made to suffer for the supposed convenience of others.”

“As a teacher at a school in this neighbourhood, I have walked with my students to this park numerous times to do movement in the park, participate in nature scavenger hunts, sketch, have drumming circles, and take photos. My students look forward to these mini field trips, as many of them do not have the opportunity to spend time in nature with their families and caregivers.”

“Scrapping the plans for the Wellington St. Extension would be a legacy for this council that many, many Kingstonians would applaud.  This kind of decisive, responsible action in response to clear and informed citizen demand would indicate that this council is listening to the people of Kingston and is committed to creating a safe, sustainable and vibrant community for all.”

“The real traffic issue downtown are the intersections onto or off of Ontario Street; Princess, Tragically Hip Way, the ferry traffic, and the WSE solves none of these. We all know that parking is an issue downtown, but you don’t address that problem by trying to encourage more cars. The money needed to complete the WSE would be so much better spent on a waterfront walkway and bike path that reached from DF park to the downtown core, and would enable access to any future Tannery land developments (which can easily be made accessible by reopening River Street). Even winter maintenance of the existing path would be an improvement. If the city put just a little effort into Emma Martin park, updating the “playground” (one slide and four swings) and fixing the benches, it would be a huge draw for families in the area and could be a boost for business in the Woolen Mill and the nearby studios. A proper cafe or diner in the area would make a killing.”

How could councillors not listen to such varied and compelling testimonies? We hope they will. Thank you all, and see you tonight.

— Laura Murray


One thought on “Tonight’s the Night!

  1. The Navy’s highest form of praise is the hoist of the signal flags B and Z, phonetically Bravo Zulu. Translated, it means “Manoevre well executed”
    Re. last night in the Council Chamber – BRAVO ZULU!


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