The Motion for March 3

From the agenda of the meeting, just posted on the city website:

Moved by Councillor Hutchison
Seconded by Councillor McLaren
Whereas waterfront parkland in downtown Kingston is extremely limited, especially north of Princess Street; and
Whereas the southern section of the proposed Wellington Street Extension (WSE) from Montreal/Railway to Bay Streets runs counter to important elements of the Official Plan (the southern section is less than the required 30 metres from the
waterfront), the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (which indicates that the City should “make the preservation and enhancement of parkland and open spaces a priority”), and the Sustainable Kingston Plan (that the City should “Reduce single occupancy and short distance motor vehicle use,” “Increase the amount of natural areas within Kingston including natural corridors, shorelines, and significant woodlots,” and “minimize noise pollution”); and
Whereas the WSE is not consistent with the 2014 Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) in that the PPS supports active transportation and transit over other forms of transportation; use of existing infrastructure over new; highlights the protection of public health, safety, parkland, water resources and air quality; and promotes healthy active communities, in part by “providing opportunities for public access to shorelines” (1.5.1);
Therefore Be It Resolved That:
expenditures towards the development of the Wellington Street Extension (WSE) southern section (from Montreal/Railway Sts. to Bay St.) be halted effective immediately;
the southern section of the WSE be removed from
i) the Transportation Master Plan
ii) the Official Plan
iii) and any other pertinent planning documents;
staff be instructed to research the traffic situation in the absence of the WSE southern section, and identify alternative ways of meeting those needs including improvements to arterial roads, local roads, active transportation, and improved transit;
any development charges gathered by the City for the purposes of building the southern section of the Wellington St. Extension from Montreal/Railway to Bay Streets be redirected to other City arterial roads and transportation needs.

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