Better urban design could add years to your life

That’s the title of this CBC story, and here’s a snippet of it:

Dr. Karen Lee says, “If we design walkable neighbourhoods, more people will walk. We know that if we have good, safe bicycling infrastructure, then more people will cycle, including people of different ages and women. Just 15 minutes of cycling to work and back home per day will burn 10 pounds per year.”

Small amounts of exercise done daily can reduce our rising epidemics of obesity and diabetes, which together are no small cost to taxpayers.

The prescription, says Dr. Lee, is efficient transit that encourages people to walk to the bus and then to the office from their stop. It’s better design of stairs that welcome users, as well as signs near elevators that encourage you to use the stairs.

Instead of the Wellington Street Extension, let’s build bike paths and invest in more express bus routes.

— Laura Murray


One thought on “Better urban design could add years to your life

  1. Well reflected by a story on Cities on CBC’s “The National”. It focused on Medellin, but the message was clear, parks, walks, bikes, good transit, neighbourhoods, street life etc. and not MORE cars. I am copying to DVD and will have a copy available at Monday evening’s meeting


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