Don’t Sacrifice Waterfront to the Car

Re: “A road can fit through Doug Fluhrer Park,” Letters to the Editor, Jan. 19.

Yes, a road can fit through the park and so could a tilt-a-whirl and go-kart track. But is this what Kingston downtown wants? Geroge Dillon has presented a studied argument for the roadway, but he misses some critical and very simple points. The proposed Wellington Street extension would pretty well ruin Doug Fluhrer Park, making it smaller, noisier, less appealing and less accessible. And why surrender a beautiful downtown section of waterfront green space to the automobile when it is probably not necessary?

A convincing and current argument for the roadway has not been made. Cities in the past that made the mistake of sacrificing green space and waterfront to the car very often regret it and spend years trying to undo the damage. City council has the opportunity to undo a planning error that present and succeeding Kingston generations will thank them for.

— Don Campbell, Kingston Whig-Standard, January 24, 2015


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