Why Would We Turn a Park into a Road?

The Whig has recently seen debate over the WSE:

George Dillon is excited that a road actually can fit through Fluhrer Park.

Laura Murray is not.

Here are a couple of key paragraphs from her Op-Ed:

First, let me agree: a road can fit through this area. We showed that in October by measuring the 26-metre right-of-way and marking it with pylons. At one point, 26 metres takes you right to water’s edge, but it fits. The real question is: why would we want a road there?

In our presentation to the Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation Policies committee, and in all of our information, WellingtonX (distinct from Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour) bases its resistance to the road on the 2006 Environmental Study Report, approved by city council in 2008. We have been advised by city staff that this report must govern the nature of the project until and unless the city chooses to have a new report done. This report projects a 50 km/h road, designed for 70 km/h. It certainly does not rule out a road that would take up the whole road allowance of 26 metres, and our position is that a road that wide and that fast would entirely destroy the park and access to the water. It would also contravene the Official Plan (with its requirement for a 30-metre “ribbon of life” along waterfronts), the Sustainable Kingston Plan, and the Provincial Policy Statement 2014 that now governs the environmental aspects of infrastructure projects.


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