Presentation to City Committee

Tonight Mary Farrar accompanied by Sayyida, Anne, and Laura appeared as a delegation before the Environment, Infrastructure, and Transportation Policies Committee of Council. We only had five minutes to communicate our views on the WSE, but Mary sure packed a lot in! What she didn’t have time to say, she left for them as a handout. The focus was on countering certain prevalent arguments for the road. One of them is, we don’t have enough north/south arterials. Mary pointed out that Kingston has six exits off the 401 coming south into town, the same number as London which has twice the population. Another argument we commonly hear is that we shouldn’t “exaggerate” the width of the road, because “nobody is planning to use the whole road allowance” (that is, 26 metres), and that current thinking is to make it a slower smaller road. We pointed out that city staff have said that any major modification to the way the road is envisioned in the 2006 Environmental Study Report would require a whole new report. So it is only reasonable that we go by that report, not whatever more moderated rumours are in the air.

After the meeting, Station 14 was standing by for an interview, so stay tuned for that.

— Laura Murray


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