The park that became a road

Image 20

Today’s Mark the Park exercise was successful — if quite alarming. Lots of people came out to see and show the scale of this proposed road.

all these people are walking on what would be a road

walking on what would be a road

What we did: we measured 26 metres out from the retaining wall, to see how wide the minimum required right-of-way actually is in Fluhrer Park. The road itself need not be 26 metres wide, but the drawings in the 2006 Environmental Study Report show sidewalks going to the full extent of the 26 metres… and what with sidewalks, bike lanes, and a road wide enough to handle 70 km/h speeds, it’s hard to imagine it much narrower.

Image 14

walking north on what would be a road

What we found: the only part of the park that would remain is the part right near Metalcraft Marine, where the land widens out towards a point. At the narrowest stretch of the park, the roadway would take up the ENTIRE distance from the retaining wall to the water. Here, the path would become a sidewalk sandwiched between the river and the road.


here the road extends east of the existing path

Bryan Paterson says that this road will increase neighbourhood access to the water, and wouldn’t it be pretty to build a pedestrian bridge… well, to what? It is very hard to imagine how the Wellington Street Extension could be built in a way that would retain any of the charms and habitat of the current park.

Thanks to Bruce, Jane, Sylvain, Anne, Sayyida, and Mary for invaluable assistance;  photo credits go to Mike and  Irina. More photos and video to come.

— Laura Murray


where the road meets the river


5 thoughts on “The park that became a road

  1. Last winter we were shown an impressive, if pricey, proposal for Doug Fluhrer Park. It allowed space for the proposed Wellington Street Extension which, in turn, allowed some space for it.

    Sunday’s exercise was a shocker – in no way could last winter’s plan fit into what pitifully little will remain of Doug Fluhrer Park. Back to the drawing board………?


  2. I dont have much faith in common sense anymore and so sorry that this road will probably go thru. Its more than a few ducks, its peaceful and one of Kingstons few green spaces. Maybe get some advice from other cities (eg, Ottawa or Toronto) who maintain their greenspace and place it as a priority. We dont need a road there, leave it be.


    • I walk in Doug Fluhrer every day with my little bichon fries dog. It is peaceful and a lovely walk past the Cataraqui River. I can’t imagine it being ruined by the Wellington Street extension.It would take up a great deal of the park. Most cities in this day and time are preserving their green space and especially if it’s also by water. What is Kingston City Council thinking??


  3. Check today’s Whig! (Saturday, Nov.22nd)
    Doornekamp wants to rebuild the old Montreal St. Railroad station in DF Park – good idea? The suggestion is opposite the old oil warehouse. But the images in the Whig – and the blurb – suggest the Extension as part of the plan – BAD idea!


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