how to “preserve a neighbourhood feel”? a big road!

Mayoral candidate Bryan Paterson spells out his position: making Wellington Street into “the major transportation corridor into the downtown” would take traffic off Rideau Street and “unlock development along the inner harbor” which is currently “difficult to access.” Breakwater Park (below Queen’s along King Street) is his model for how Fluhrer Park would work afterwards. What do you think? Might be he has never tried to access it on foot? Never mind with a stroller?



If you are concerned about what the Wellington Street Extension would cost, would achieve, or would do to waterfront access and sustainability in Kingston, we intend this site as a resource. In the short run, leading up to the Municipal Election, we will be documenting Candidate positions and providing resources for them and the rest of us to learn more. Please browse the faqs and other information here and let us know if you have questions you would like to see answered. Also, if you are willing to attend an All Candidates’ Meeting and ask a question about the extension, please contact us — we would LOVE to have your help! They start this week!